Saturday, June 22, 2013

Well...ummm...Here I am again...after 5 months.  But this is how my mind works.  When I decide I want to do something (like lose weight and be healthy and walk daily) it takes me a long time to figure out all the details on how I'm going to do that, what's involved in it and what are the pitfalls I'm up against and how am I going to succeed.  I can't help it - this is the way God created me and my mind.  It's the way I funtion.  Some people don't understand this and try to make me feel guilty for not immediately doing what I want to do.  I don't meet their expectations and so I am chastised and they want me to feel guilty. 

Well...I'm done with feeling guilty for not succeeding and not following through.  It does not mean I wont follow through - it just means I haven't yet.  I'm ok with that.  My brain is still working out all the details - and I am ready for a new start now.  I have a new plan.  It will include the old plan of walking one mile every day for the rest of the year but it's changed just a bit. 

During my "becoming healthy" hiatus, I did become successful at a more important foundational goal.  I am reading the Bible almost every day.  I am reading much more than my goal of 5 minutes per day.  It's awesome!  I actually feel like I have a firm foundation under me now.  That was the most important goal - the foundational one.  God knew what he was doing when he re-directed me and my energies to get my priorities straight. So now that that is a habit - I can move on to the next step in getting my life back on track.

After making the previous commitment to walk a mile a day in 2013 I found that I could not do it.  My legs were not working. I was at the point where I was unable to walk much at all - even normally. I had to go to physical therapy and learn some stretching and strengthening exercises. I'm still not back to normal - but I'm getting there.  I might not be able to walk a mile everyday yet but I can walk some and build up to it.

Here's my new plan.  I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 today.  I am not getting it for this, I'm getting it for other reasons, but it does happen to have a cool gimicky feature called S Health.  I can use it to track steps, feelings, food, and other things.  Once I get the phone I'm going to learn all I can about S Health and see what I can do with it and what I can't.  I'm also thinking about getting the Jawbone Up

The thing I like about it is that it will remind me to get up and move after I've been seditary for a certain period of time.  I can set it to remind me every 30 minutes or every hour of being seditary to get up and move. This is a great selling feature for me and why I will chose this device over the S Band from Samsung that works with the phone.  I've been having a hard time remembering or having the desitre to get up every 30 min - 1 hour.  This will work if I commit to obeying it.  That's what I want to do. It's a simple thing in order to be more active and healthy.   It will also track my steps and my sleep pattern among other things. It also keeps track of how much active time I have in my day and how much seditary time and helps me to re-evaluate and make better decisions.

My new goals:
Move every 30 - 60 minutes
Walk daily - 1 mile or work my way up to 1 mile
     Treadmill at aptarment fitness center
     Walk at Home DVDs
     Walk at home while watching tv or movie
     Walking trail around the golf course in apartment complex

I will add a food component to my goals soon.  The new phone with the S Health apps should help with that. If nothing else I can discipline myself to taking a picture of EVERYTHING I eat and drink - to keep track of my food intake and NOT deceive myself.  That will be a start. Eventually I want to track calories and healthiness of the food and drink I'm consuming. And even further along I want to eat the Southbeach way. It makes the most sense to me.

So step number 1:   Buy the Galaxy S4 today after work and maybe the Jawbone Up if they have it at the store, and start becoming familiar with S Health. Tomorrow I'll move on to step 2. 


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