Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost two weeks

I'm almost at the end of phase one of the South Beach diet. I've done ok even though not perfect. I exercised less than half those days, but at least I did exercise some. I want to begin focusing more on exercise and ramp up the weight loss - molding my body.

I get to buy a bottle of wine tomorrow night and have a glass - to celebrate my two weeks of being on my diet and getting this far. Wine is allowed on phase two. It will be nice to have a glass.

I need to work on my house. Heather came over today and said it's a mess. She's right.
I also want to make book thongs - saw some in the book store today. They look easy to make. Didn't buy any because they were around $6.

Gotta read and try to make myself exercise tonight.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not such a good day

I wasn't at home to cook food - I was out taking back my glasses and getting another Colleen Coble book, so I stopped at Bob Evans to buy my breakfast and lunch to take with me to work. I got an omelet with broccoli on the side (instead of potatoes) and sourdough bread, and for lunch I got a cobb salad which had bacon and blue cheese and cheddar cheese in it - and it also came with sourdough bread.  I had to admit it but I ate 3/4 slices of bread for breakfast - and threw away the rest - but for dinner I ate all the bread - two slices.  I was frustrated and used the food for comfort. I'm so upset at whoever makes the decision to give people training for LOB. They are letting Debbie get training and she has been there less time than me and E and Barbara but we are not getting training yet. It just isn't fair and I feel passed over - again.

I also didn't walk this morning. I hope I'll dance tonight - watching So You Think You Can Dance right now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week number 2 begins

Well...Sunday and Monday (my weekend) I did not exercise at all. I'll have to try to work on that. I did however stay on my diet. I actually cooked steak again - although I think I over cooked it - I don't like blood in my meat.

I walked 20 minutes this morning - Walk at Home DVD. I also did Zumba 20 minutes tonight. This was good. I have to keep it up.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today I went to the North Habor Club for lunch with Ellen and Doug and 3 of their friends that they used to go to church with. It was nice to get out for a bit and socialize with other Christians. For lunch I had the wedge salad which included slices of flank steak and blue cheese dressing and bacon (didn't eat much of the bacon) and tomatoes. I was so glad I found something on the menu that was good and fit my diet.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Week - almost

I'm almost through with my first week of my big push to get control over my habits and weight and health.  Here's what's been happening:   I started on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday I walked one mile before going to work with the Walk At Home DVD.  This is progress.
I have been on phase 1 of South Beach diet from Wednesday until today, Saturday.  The only cheating I've done is having a little fruit the first couple of days and also some non-fat vanilla yogurt maybe 3 times. I haven't bought any No Sugar Added Klondike bars (my really bad habit) and I've even cooked a few new recipes that turned out pretty good.  I have allowed myself two (or was it three?) Starbucks venti non-fat, sugar-free, lattes. I didn't buy any wine for home which I wanted to, because wine is not allowed on phase 1. I will however reward myself at the end of phase 1 with wine because I will have earned it and it will be allowed.  Happy Happy Joy Joy. I'm almost half way there!

I saw my dr. on Friday about a piece of glass in my thumb. I found out that I gained 10 lbs since my last visit which was in March. :(  so sad.  I told him about my new efforts at a better diet and exercise. He approved (of course) and gave me a couple of pointers. As I was leaving he told me I haven't had a physical in 2 years, so he had me set an appointment one month from now.  He told me to report to him how I am doing at that time with me new efforts. I asked "Are you holding me accountable?" and he said "Yes, someone has to."

I have another motivation. I want to show him in one month that I've succeeded. I want him to see how South Beach works and then let him know how it's a little different from what he was suggesting. He's big on small portions - fist size.  South Beach does not focus on portions so much but the type of food you are eating - and not eating too much of certain types of foods and eating more of the complex carbs and vegys and other healthy foods and eating when hungry - not depriving yourself.

I've already noticed a couple of things - my stomach is soft again - not as hard - it's shrinking - and my tightest jeans are not as tight as they were.  Looking forward to them being too loose!

OK - one more good thing:  I started doing Zumba tonight. I didn't do anything this morning (not much time on Saturday mornings) but I did Zumba for 12 - 13 minutes tonight and could not do anymore. I need to build up my endurance. I love Zumba!! Can't wait until I can do the whole 20 minutes of this one DVD.

I also have been scooping the litter box EVERY DAY and most of the time TWO TIMES a DAY. Beau is really happy about that. He loves a clean litter box. Happy Kitty!

I've also turned off the TV a lot and read my books. Two books right now, Einstein His Life and Universe and The Lightkeeper's Daughter. Both excellent books!

First milestone:  June 27  end of phase 1 and a glass of wine!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First day on Phase 1

OK - I did the walk @ home dvd yesterday morning before work and today before work. This is a decent start.  I walked one mile both times. I just need to keep it up every day before work. I also need to start dancing after work for at least 20 - 30 minutes. I have so many choices, Zumba, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Yoga Booty Ballet and others.

I made a dish for phase 1 this morning - actually marinated the meat last night and followed through this morning. I'm so proud of myself.  It wasn't bad. I have the ingredients for a couple more dishes too - all phase 1 recipes. I am having a hard time staying on the diet today - getting a desire for things I should not have. I brought a hunk of cheese to work because I knew I'd feel this way - I ate that wishing I had crackers to go with it. I also got a diet coke which is helping some. I had a non-fat yogurt which is not on phase 1 approved list and I had some blackberries which is also not OK for phase 1 but it's better than what I really wanted. I also had some peanuts.  I actually think I might be feeling better right now. I will need to eat something good for me when I get home to take away the hunger feeling.

I need to change another habit. I need to scoop out the litter box twice a day - after feeding the cats both morning and night. That way it will be a habit and it will never get to the point where Beau is upset at the cleanliness. He's so picky.

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Day

Well...So much for a first day.  I got up late (didn't have to go to work since it's my weekend) and didn't get dressed. Didn't exercise. Started to read my Einstein book and after getting through some of it wondered if the movie IQ is realistic - so I turned on the movie. Never did get back to the book.

Why is it that I don't follow through with my plans? I could say that today it is because it wasn't a work day - so not a normal day and I need to start tomorrow which is a work day.  But in the past that has not worked. I wonder if I can make it work this time?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fed Up!

I am fed up with the things in my life that are holding me back from being all that I want to be. Fifty three years old and I am not anywhere close to where I want to be in life.  I need to get serious about gaining some control back. These are the areas I want to change:

* My weight/health
* My home
* Crafts and projects
* My spiritual life

I am going to see if I can pull off a change. I want to see if I make certain changes in my behavior/habits, will it really make a change in the areas that I want to be changed?

To be specific in the area of my weight/health, What I plan on doing:
* Go to bed by 3am
* Wake up at 9am
* Get dressed in workout clothes
* Dance, Walk, or Exercise for 30 min or more - drink water
* Make Coffee and breakfast (even if I don't feel like breakfast)
* Cut Vegetables and prepare food for lunch
* Clean Kitchen - no dishes in sink - wipe down counters and stove top
* Feed cats
* Clean litter box
* Sweep kitchen floor
* Put trash by door if it's full
* Take shower/bath
* Dress
* Read at least 1 hour

After work
* Walk/Dance/Exercise 30 minutes
* Make dinner
* 1 hour make cards or jewelry
* 30 min vaccum or clean bathrooms or organize closet, living room, craft room...
* 1 hour tv
* 30 hour read