Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost two weeks

I'm almost at the end of phase one of the South Beach diet. I've done ok even though not perfect. I exercised less than half those days, but at least I did exercise some. I want to begin focusing more on exercise and ramp up the weight loss - molding my body.

I get to buy a bottle of wine tomorrow night and have a glass - to celebrate my two weeks of being on my diet and getting this far. Wine is allowed on phase two. It will be nice to have a glass.

I need to work on my house. Heather came over today and said it's a mess. She's right.
I also want to make book thongs - saw some in the book store today. They look easy to make. Didn't buy any because they were around $6.

Gotta read and try to make myself exercise tonight.


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