Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not such a good day

I wasn't at home to cook food - I was out taking back my glasses and getting another Colleen Coble book, so I stopped at Bob Evans to buy my breakfast and lunch to take with me to work. I got an omelet with broccoli on the side (instead of potatoes) and sourdough bread, and for lunch I got a cobb salad which had bacon and blue cheese and cheddar cheese in it - and it also came with sourdough bread.  I had to admit it but I ate 3/4 slices of bread for breakfast - and threw away the rest - but for dinner I ate all the bread - two slices.  I was frustrated and used the food for comfort. I'm so upset at whoever makes the decision to give people training for LOB. They are letting Debbie get training and she has been there less time than me and E and Barbara but we are not getting training yet. It just isn't fair and I feel passed over - again.

I also didn't walk this morning. I hope I'll dance tonight - watching So You Think You Can Dance right now.


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