Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Week - almost

I'm almost through with my first week of my big push to get control over my habits and weight and health.  Here's what's been happening:   I started on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday I walked one mile before going to work with the Walk At Home DVD.  This is progress.
I have been on phase 1 of South Beach diet from Wednesday until today, Saturday.  The only cheating I've done is having a little fruit the first couple of days and also some non-fat vanilla yogurt maybe 3 times. I haven't bought any No Sugar Added Klondike bars (my really bad habit) and I've even cooked a few new recipes that turned out pretty good.  I have allowed myself two (or was it three?) Starbucks venti non-fat, sugar-free, lattes. I didn't buy any wine for home which I wanted to, because wine is not allowed on phase 1. I will however reward myself at the end of phase 1 with wine because I will have earned it and it will be allowed.  Happy Happy Joy Joy. I'm almost half way there!

I saw my dr. on Friday about a piece of glass in my thumb. I found out that I gained 10 lbs since my last visit which was in March. :(  so sad.  I told him about my new efforts at a better diet and exercise. He approved (of course) and gave me a couple of pointers. As I was leaving he told me I haven't had a physical in 2 years, so he had me set an appointment one month from now.  He told me to report to him how I am doing at that time with me new efforts. I asked "Are you holding me accountable?" and he said "Yes, someone has to."

I have another motivation. I want to show him in one month that I've succeeded. I want him to see how South Beach works and then let him know how it's a little different from what he was suggesting. He's big on small portions - fist size.  South Beach does not focus on portions so much but the type of food you are eating - and not eating too much of certain types of foods and eating more of the complex carbs and vegys and other healthy foods and eating when hungry - not depriving yourself.

I've already noticed a couple of things - my stomach is soft again - not as hard - it's shrinking - and my tightest jeans are not as tight as they were.  Looking forward to them being too loose!

OK - one more good thing:  I started doing Zumba tonight. I didn't do anything this morning (not much time on Saturday mornings) but I did Zumba for 12 - 13 minutes tonight and could not do anymore. I need to build up my endurance. I love Zumba!! Can't wait until I can do the whole 20 minutes of this one DVD.

I also have been scooping the litter box EVERY DAY and most of the time TWO TIMES a DAY. Beau is really happy about that. He loves a clean litter box. Happy Kitty!

I've also turned off the TV a lot and read my books. Two books right now, Einstein His Life and Universe and The Lightkeeper's Daughter. Both excellent books!

First milestone:  June 27  end of phase 1 and a glass of wine!


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