Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First day on Phase 1

OK - I did the walk @ home dvd yesterday morning before work and today before work. This is a decent start.  I walked one mile both times. I just need to keep it up every day before work. I also need to start dancing after work for at least 20 - 30 minutes. I have so many choices, Zumba, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Yoga Booty Ballet and others.

I made a dish for phase 1 this morning - actually marinated the meat last night and followed through this morning. I'm so proud of myself.  It wasn't bad. I have the ingredients for a couple more dishes too - all phase 1 recipes. I am having a hard time staying on the diet today - getting a desire for things I should not have. I brought a hunk of cheese to work because I knew I'd feel this way - I ate that wishing I had crackers to go with it. I also got a diet coke which is helping some. I had a non-fat yogurt which is not on phase 1 approved list and I had some blackberries which is also not OK for phase 1 but it's better than what I really wanted. I also had some peanuts.  I actually think I might be feeling better right now. I will need to eat something good for me when I get home to take away the hunger feeling.

I need to change another habit. I need to scoop out the litter box twice a day - after feeding the cats both morning and night. That way it will be a habit and it will never get to the point where Beau is upset at the cleanliness. He's so picky.


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