Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I think I'm going to start over and even change the focus for a bit. I'm going to experiment with starting a new habit - see if I can make it a daily habit - before working on the losing weight.  I'm going to put God first in my life. This isn't a purely academic exercise, it's what I hold as the highest value in my life. I need God's guidance in every aspect of my life, so of course I need to put Him first. Putting Him first in my day is symbolic but also get's my day started on the right foot - with my mind centered on Him and His will.

I'm going to start each day spending time with Him, beginning with the Beth Moore Bible study that I'm doing , Breaking Free. When that is finished I will Read one of the books in the Bible - I'll pray about which one to read. I'm sure God has a plan.

So...every morning I will get up and make coffee and feed the cats and do my Bible study - focusing on what God wants me to get out of it, praying and committing my day to Him.  I'm going to have to get up early for this on days I have to go out - like on Thursday and Sunday and any days I have early appointments.

I will make it a point during my time with God in the mornings to ask Him what I should be doing for the day. I would like Him to direct my path and help me to make good decisions. I also want Him to guard my mouth from saying unkind things and from speaking without thinking and saying foolish things.

If I can make this a habit - do it for a week or two then I can try to add exercise to my day and try to make it a habit - right after my time with God.

I tend to want to do everything at once - change all my bad habits and add good ones - all of them at one time. It gets overwhelming and confusing.  I need to set my focus on one thing at a time.


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