Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Another Start

Well....I've started 2013 off on a positive note.  I've taken the Walk At Home 1 Mile per Day Challenge and I walked a mile today.  I have also purchased the Easy Yoga for Arthritis DVD which I've started working on. The whole thing is too long for me right now, but I'm making some progress - it's a good DVD for stretching and loosening up my body.

How did my body get so stiff in the last year? I have very little movement left.  A year ago I wasn't in so much pain just walking and standing and doing normal daily activities.  Well...that's about to change. I'm tired of these limitations and I aint takin' it no more!  Who says that I can't be in shape and active as I get older?  I'm determined to turn my life around and become active and energized and healthy!

I did the one mile walk today but I wasn't able to do everything - there were times I had to just walk because of limitations, I was unable to do the kick backs and a few of the other moves - but I kept walking for the whole mile. After a couple more days I should be able to do all the movements with Leslie.


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